Join us to discover and enjoy the magic of Provence!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable French learning experience in tranquil surroundings in the South of France.

Our bespoke and very personal courses, enable you to learn practical and precise French, whilst you explore and enjoy The Luberon, our enchanting, culturally rich area of Provence.

We offer a range of different learning experiences, to meet each learner’s personal needs :

Full immersion

Individual lessons

Small group lessons

In person or by Skype

Luberon arc en ciel double modif

Learning the romantic language of France, whilst staying in the South of France will help you see Provence at her very best.

Taking lessons with us, you will be learning in a tranquil environment and will not only develop your language skills, but also gain a deeper understanding of the French culture and Provençal society.

Our teaching style is based on total immersion, with the teachers and other locals speaking to you in French, BUT don’t worry! There will be plenty of opportunities to speak in your native language as well.

Learn and speak French, taste, tour, swim, and relax in Provence! 

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Learning the Romantic language of French with Franci Dsicendum