Learn to speak French in the peaceful atmosphere of Provence, in the South of France.

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Learn French and explore, taste, tour, swim, and relax in Provence! 

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Treat yourself to an unforgettable French immersion experience in tranquil surroundings in the South of France. Our individualized courses enable you to learn practical and precise French, while you savor an enchanting culturally rich area.

Learning the Romantic language of French while staying in the South of France will help you see Provence at her finest.

Our organization aims to promote the French language and the French culture.

We promote the learning of the French language with an understanding of Provencal culture and society: anthropology of Provence.

Our teaching style is based on total immersion, with the teachers and others locals speaking to you in French. Don’t worry! There will be plenty of opportunities to speak in your native language with the teacher and the teachers as well.

You will learn in a restful environment.

Learning the Romantic language of French with Franci Dsicendum

We welcome students (teenagers and adults) from everywhere and at all levels. We recommend that complete beginners register for a minimum of two weeks.
Class size is always kept small. As a result, the course is personalised according to each students’ needs and expectations. We also work with expatriates who want to adapt quickly to their new Francophone surroundings, those who need to speak French in their profession, younger students learning French at their school or university, or anyone who loves the language of Molière and French culture.

Our teachers are native French speakers. They speak English and are accustomed to teaching French to people who speak Chinese, Spanish, German … or English.
They will be attentive to you and will encourage you to progress quickly.
The teachers are sympatic to the difficulties faced when learning a new language.


With many years of teaching experience as well as a love of travel and an extensive knowledge of Provence and French culture, the teachers lend a unique perspective to satisfy the curiosity of the students of Franci Discendum school. Born in Provence, the teachers have passionate about helping others to discover the real Provence.

What better way than to teach the skill for communicating with the Provençal (native of Provence).

One of the greatest pleasure for the teachers is to see the students talking with locals, feeling confident in the French language.

 To have a real communication it’s essential to break down the stereotypes between people of different cultures and get to know each other.

Learn French in amagic place!


Learning french with fun

Our school is located in the heart of the Luberon National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Our classrooms are located in Caseneuve, Viens and Saignon, who  are small and traditional Provençal villages situated in the Luberon mountains.

The Luberon National Park is  a Geopark with a geological heritage of international significance.

The Luberon is simply « a must » as the French say. This part of Southern Provence is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places to learn French and to meet French people.

Join us in our vineyards, orchards,  perched hill-top villages,  you will relax in cafés, hike in the mountains, view marvelous landscapes and walk in ancient villages. You will shop in our outdoor markets, discover the secrets of the truffle, and taste unforgettable Mediterranean food and olive oil…There so many reasons to enjoy French courses with us here in the Luberon.

Our individualized and friendly approach enables us to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently and in comfortable ambiance.

You will discover the magic of Provence while learning French with immersion.


Learning the French culture and the French language

Learning the French culture and the French language