What to expect from your lessons

We welcome students of all ages, and at all levels of French proficiency from across the world . Whilst we know that it isn’t always possible, we recommend that complete beginners register for a minimum of two weeks to enable them to make firm progress.

We work with a variety of students:

Expatriates who want to adapt quickly to their new Francophone surroundings

Those who need to speak French in their profession, 

Younger students learning French at their school or university

Anyone who simply loves the language of Molière and French culture.

 We pride ourselves on our course content, which is personalised and customised to  each student’s needs and expectations, with class sizes always kept SMALL, to enable our students to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

We have also developed our distance learning programme, ensuring that our lessons can take place on SKYPE, enabling students to continue their learning from afar.

Born in Provence, our teachers are extremely knowledgeable about the area and are passionate about helping others to discover the real Provence. They will be attentive to your needs and desires and will do everything they can to help you progress quickly.

They understand the difficulties faced by anyone learning a new language and will help you deal with the challenges you’ll face along the way and will do what they can to help you laugh and enjoy the process.

Possessing many years of teaching experience, a love of travel, and an extended knowledge of Provence and wider French culture, our teachers offer a unique perspective to satisfy the curiosity of students of Franci Discendum.

One of the greatest pleasures for our teachers is to see the students feeling confident in the French language, while conversing with local villagers. They will help you to really communicate and have conversations in French, which will help you to move beyond stereotypes and get to know French people personally.

Atelier cuisine: learning French while cooking!

Découvrir les merveilles du Luberon

Lavenders fields

In the lavender fieldsBons produits locaux!

Vocabulaire distillerie

Murs en pierres sèches

Céramiste provençal.

Learn French in amagic place!